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            COTTAGE POINT



....is one of Sydney’s smallest, yet most scenic, and unspoilt suburbs.


Located at the junction of Cowan Creek and Coal & Candle Creek, Cottage Point was only reached by boat until 1934 when a

bridle track to Akuna Bay was formed.


Cottage Point is listed as a heritage conservation area

supporting a wide variety of native flora and fauna. 



Welcome to the most unspoilt and smallest suburb in Sydney - Cottage Point. Located in the tranquil waterfront bushland of Ku-Ring-Gai National Park and only 35 minutes drive from the centre of Sydney, Cottage Point separates itself from the urban hustle by 10 kilometres of serene parkland.

Set within the exclusive enclave of Cottage Point is Sydney's smallest locality of only 52 homes which residents and holidaymakers have enjoyed for over 100 years.

A short stroll will find you at the Cottage Point Kiosk which is a great place to sit and enjoy light meals or pick up some supplies. They also provide hire of motor boats and kayaks. At night you can have an a-la-carte dining experience at the Cottage Point Restaurant.

If you are wishing to take advantage of this beautiful paradise and want to have a taste of what this good life has to offer there is accommodation available at CowanWaters. Weekend and weekly rentals are available all year round.




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